Adult Education

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Adult Education

Teacher Sarah tutors adult education students

Everyone learns in his or her own way. That is why adult education tutoring can be so helpful – it can be tailored to fit your particular needs, goals and schedule. If you are over the age of 18 years, adult education tutoring may be right for you.

Teacher Sarah can provide tutoring in the subjects of English and the Humanities. As well, she can help adult students improve their learning skills, resumé and essay writing, and work with them to prepare for tests and job interviews.

Tutoring isn’t just for children. Adult education tutoring can be useful if you are:

• immigrating to an English speaking country and need to learn English;
• wishing to achieve literacy;
• needing to upgrade or retrain to follow a chosen career path, or change careers completely;
• going back to complete schooling that you were not able to finish due to personal situations; or
• a senior who is interested in lifelong learning.

Are you immigrating or hoping to learn English?

If you are a non-English speaker who wants to immigrate, Teacher Sarah will help you learn good English communication skills so you can thrive in your new country. Learning English will help you participate more fully and integrate more successfully into a new community. Learning English and related cultural knowledge can lead to a better job/career, life and eventual citizenship.

Are you returning to school?

History, Geography or English may not have been your favorite subjects in high school but may interest you now. Some adults find they would like to review old material, study something new or complete a degree. Tutoring can help you refresh your learning skills and enjoy new interests.

Many adult students feel anxious and unsure about returning to school because they have not had to learn English or other core subjects for a long time. Others might have had a bad experience at school. But not to worry, Teacher Sarah offers a calm and positive experience – free from peer pressure – to help her students learn most effectively. She fits learning plans to each student’s needs to ensure success.

If you are thinking of making a career change, you may need help to develop new skills or refresh old ones. Today, employees change jobs more than once during their careers. With expert tutoring you can learn to write effective resumés, prepare for job interviews and tests, or just advance your overall skill sets.

Adult education responds to many challenges faced by returning students. You may, for example, work full or part-time or have family or other responsibilities. You need a flexible schedule, but committing to a weekly tutoring schedule on a semester basis will work most successfully.

If you have an adult education goal, Teacher Sarah can help you achieve it. It is never too late to pursue your dreams.