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Online Tutoring (Skype)

Teacher Sarah tutors globally online with Skype

No matter where you are located – whether you live in the next town or on the other side of the world – online tutoring with Skype is an option! Online tutoring makes learning fun, convenient and very flexible for students who are busy or who are living at a distance and want to learn English as a Second Language.

All you need is a computer, webcam and Internet connection to connect live with Teacher Sarah via Skype. Online tutoring using Skype is an effective teaching/learning tool. It allows the student and tutor to communicate face-to-face in beneficial ways that are completely interactive and visual, with the use of features like screen sharing, a whiteboard, file sharing and recording sessions for later viewing.

Online tutoring is the most affordable option for one-on-one tutoring available! The Skype software is free to download and use. Also, all Skype to Skype video calls and voice calls are free. Rates for quality online tutoring range, on average, from $30 to $80 an hour.

Sessions can be arranged based on your needs and schedule. Teacher Sarah can be available in the evening and on weekends, when grade school students are usually available. Daytime hours may be possible for those who prefer morning or afternoon tutoring or are in other areas of the world.

What are some benefits of online tutoring for students and parents?

• Avoids the costs, time and negative environmental impact of extra travelling.
• Allows parents to stay home and look after other responsibilities.
• Allows scheduling of convenient and flexible tutoring times that won’t conflict with after school sports, other programs or work.
• Removes the restrictions of geography, time zones, commuting and tutoring location.