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Special Education | Homeschooling

Teacher Sarah tutors special education students and homeschools

We must meet our students exactly where they are with exactly the brains they have right now. We must use all the tools we have available to use and not expect them to fit into a mold or all behave exactly the same.” — Gene R Carter

Special education through homeschooling has its place in learning. Many of us have heard an inspiring story of a special needs student facing overwhelming challenges. Often it is the persistence and patience of those working with students with disabilities that produces successful learning. Teacher Sarah believes that great things can happen for all students, given a creative and comforting learning environment, and much hard work and kindness.

Special education takes into account the students’ exceptionalities and gives them needed support to experience the accomplishment of developing their abilities, which leads to future success and feelings of usefulness.

In contrast to the public school system, which prescribes universal teaching methods and techniques for special needs students, special education tutoring is tailored to the individual student. Thus, tutoring for special education students can take many forms, due to the wide range of learning disabilities and behavioural disorders that exist. Methods will vary depending on the individualized program set out by the tutor, which considers the student’s age, abilities and challenges.

Sarah is an experienced teacher/tutor who is able to meet the needs of select special education students with understanding and compassion. Her tutoring services include online tutoring or private homeschool tutoring. Both are an option for special education learning.

Special Education and Homeschooling

Technology that allows learning and interaction with other students can play a significant role in special education tutoring. It can help students improve in areas such as reading and writing, or gain better study habits and discipline.

Impartial studies show that homeschooled special needs children receive superior education when taught at home. A thorough study by Dr. Steven Duvall shows that, contrary to the claims of the influential educators, parent tutors do not have to be specially certified or have special qualifications to teach their special needs children at home.

Some of the benefits of homeschooling include:

• closer family bond;
• tailored study plans that fit with the child’s individual interests and abilities;
• a more relaxed and natural learning environment;
• no physical and psychological bullying;
• no peer pressure; and
• positive socialization.

Teacher Sarah’s homeschool tutoring services can be provided in her home or yours.