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I want to say thank you Sarah. I came to Canada to improve my life and found that I love real estate. The only thing holding me back was my language skills.

I found it hard to communicate with my English speaking clients because of my limited vocabulary and understanding of English grammar usage.

Your lessons gave me the opportunity to feel more confident speaking with people. After six months, my language skills improved so that I could negotiate deals better and say exactly what I wanted to say.

Sarah was not like a teacher she was like a friend. We talked over real live situations and I felt very comfortable with her. Relaxing during English conversation was the key and Sarah’s guidance helped me to achieve very good results in improving my spoken and written English.

I would recommend Sarah as an exceptional teacher.

Alla P., Toronto ON
I had Sarah as my grade 12 English tutor.

I can’t express the excellent learning experience I’ve had on just a small comment box. I very much enjoyed working with Sarah; her training and mentoring helped me reach my full potential and allowed me to be able to view literature in a different way.

Each session helped facilitate my writing. I started University level Grade 12 English with an 78 and after 4 essays and an exam I ended with 89.

I am so thankful to have worked with Sarah. I truly recommend her tutoring services!

Sara R., Etobicoke ON
I want to say thank to Sarah! She supported and helped my two kids (Alejandra & Gonzalo) to achieve good marks in their English courses. She got along with them well and they worked hard for her. They were working with Sarah during 2009 – 2011.

Sarah is very persuasive with the kids, my children enjoyed their classes and they felt motivated to go to every class. Now they remember Sarah’s classes with a smile.

Lucia O., Toronto, ON
Sarah taught 3 of my 4 children. She knew how to catch their interest in various subjects and then directed them on their individual path of discovery. While maintaining their self-respect, she was able to challenge them to do better. Now well into their adult years, they still use the tools Sarah gave them. They have a well developed appreciation of the English language and literature and also Dramatic Arts. Thanks for all of that Sarah and for being a kind person in the process.
Catherine M., Lyndhurst ON